4 Reasons to Hire Employees with IT Certifications

Whenever a company is looking to hire new employees, it is important to find the right employees that fit the job requirements. Employees with IT certifications offer heightened career advancement opportunities, increased overall value, and a competitive edge in a cutthroat job market. IT professionals are in high demand thanks to the high demand for technical skill sets. IT encompasses a wide range of fields, from security and management all the way to programming. Hiring someone with an IT Certification means that the employee has a potential to be successful in multiple positions at a corporation.

High-Growth Opportunities

IT professionals and hiring managers all agree on the value of IT certifications. The statistics are almost overwhelming at the percentages of IT professionals and hiring managers that feel IT Certifications are valuable. 93% of hiring managers believe that an A Certification is beneficial to the workers job competency. IT positions make up 11% of all job openings, which are nearly impossible to receive without an IT certification. IT Certifications offer heightened career advancement opportunities and increased value to both organizations and the employers.

Long-term Potential

An employee with an IT certification has proven that he or she has a future in a company because they are motivated and excited about the career path that he or she has chosen. Companies want people in the organization that can work their way up the corporate ladder. Hiring someone that hat can grow within the company means that the employee is multidimensional and SY0-401 exam potentially can have a future working with the company.

Ability to Work Well with Others

Sometimes, more often than not, employees must work alongside one another in order to accomplish a shared task or goal. An employee that has an IT certification has already proven to be competent when it comes to working with others. Working with another person requires an understanding of unwritten rules within the organization, showing coworkers respect along with being reliable and competent.

Ability to Make Money

Obviously, hiring managers want to hire employees that can prove to the company that they are a valuable asset to the company and can increase the organization’s revenues or at least decrease the company’s costs. In the recession that America is currently involved in, it is difficult for organizations to generate revenue and employers must cut some of the costs in order to emphasize increasing the company’s revenue.

All in all, recruiters are pressured to find employees that seem to be the right fit for the company. Applicants that are under pressure must think creatively in order to differentiate themselves from all of the other applicants and demonstrate that they have a desire to succeed with the company. IT certified candidates will have an easier time standing out amongst the group of other applicants due to the fact they have already been previously trained in many aspects of the job. Contact CertsMate for more information.